meshDETECT, Secure Prison Cell Phone Solutions™

Secure Prison Cell Phone Solutions meshDETECT is a patented technology platform that can be offered in any prison interested in the smart deployment and management of secure prison cell phones – which reduces contraband wireless phone demand, promotes improved detainee behavior, reduces recidivism and increases officer safety. Best of all, there is no deployment cost. In fact, meshDETECT is a new source of revenue for prisons.

You no longer need to incur the expense and deployment challenges of wireless jamming technology, now that prison cell phone calls can now be monitored and recorded. Legitimate prison cell phone inventories can now replace contraband cell phones.

Reducing the demand for smuggled and contraband cell phones is how meshDETECT is revolutionizing prison cell phone access.

Download our free whitepaper “Reducing the Demand for Contraband Cell Phones in Correctional Facilities” to learn more about our Secure Prison Cell Phone Solutions™ and their unique benefits to correctional facilities, detainees and their families.

meshIP, LLC is the developer of meshDETECT®, a customized, proprietary, hosted software system specifically designed for the unique security and investigative needs of corrections facilities interested in providing secure, controlled cell phone services to detainees. This software limits and monitors the cell phone use to insure the calls made are only allowed calls and that the cell phone cannot be used for purposes and calls other than those specifically allowed by the facility management.

This product is covered by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent No. 8,478,234

Established in 2005, meshIP, LLC architects, delivers, and manages an on-demand, or consumable, hardware and software infrastructure that guarantees either your technology staff can operate at the highest levels of effectiveness, or you are able to get out of the technology and telephone business once and for all.

An early pioneer in the emerging hosted applications, VoIP solutions, and cloud computing service markets, meshIP is able to provide robust, customized technology solutions that meet both complex and unique application requirements.

Contact Information:

meshIP, LLC
P.O. Box 261635
Plano, Texas 75026



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