meshDETECT, Secure Prison Cell Phone Solutions ™
meshDETECT, Secure Prison Cell Phone Solutions ™

Reduce Contraband Cell Phones & Increase Call Revenue

Officials tasked with controlling the waves of contraband cell phones in prisons are at a disadvantage. Their options include costly new investment in complex jamming technologies, increasing staff, more physical searches, or new processes; all added to an already over burdened work force. In each case, cell phone control will be expensive, and results will be elusive.

meshDETECT is a cell phone access and control platform that was developed to satisfy the access control and forensic expectations of the prison officials ultimately responsible for communications access, as well as to address the legitimate desire of detainees who now go to great lengths smuggling cell phones in order to have two way communications with family and loved ones.

Trends demonstrate that the majority of prisoners are interested in using cell phones for legitimate communication, not criminal activities, and that agencies are losing a significant revenue opportunity by not offering secure cell phone access and controlled use.

For the first time, it is now possible to satisfy the expectations of everyone affected by the contraband cell phone issue without heavy technology investment, unnecessary staff expense, or any compromise in controls, security, or safety.

Curb Contraband Cell Phones By Reducing Their Value

Unnecessary risk and exposure will continue to impact prisons as long as contraband cell phones remain a black market item at an extremely high perceived value – and with no real controls curbing availability.

Delivered as a service, meshDETECT is a complete calling platform utilizing commercially available cell phones that are modified to meet the demanding operational and functional needs of a prison-authorized communications service offering. As authorized cell phones are brought into service, the demand for and value of smuggled cell phones drops dramatically.

Regardless of who currently organizes the smuggling of contraband cell phones into your prison, once the risk to reward equation reverses fewer and fewer will take that risk. More importantly, those detainees who you determine deserve a more flexible communications opportunity will be able to do so safely, affordably, and within your full control.