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DOC Officer Accused Of Smuggling Phones Into Prison

This article is another example of the corrupting influence of the demand for cell phones in prison. The demand for smuggled cell phones, like the demand for drugs in prison, drives the economic incentives to supply this demand. In addition to supply prevention, the satisfaction of demand, using a secure cell phone solution like meshDETECT will reduce the economic incentives to supply contraband cell phones.

Agents with the Alabama Department of Corrections arrested a correctional officer on suspicion of smuggling drugs and cell phones into Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore.

Leonard Purter has resigned and was initially taken to the Elmore County Jail, said Brian Corbett, a DOC spokesman.

Purter made bond and was released from jail Tuesday, court documents show.

DOC agents arrested Purter on Sunday morning for allegedly trying to bring various pills, marijuana and cell phones into the prison.

Purter had been employed with the DOC since July 31, 2007, Corbett said.

According to documents filed in Elmore County district court, Purter is accused of possessing about eight ounces of marijuana, a total of 173 pills and 14 cell phones with batteries and chargers.

The DOC continues to investigate the incident, Corbett said.

“This is just one example of the ADOC’s diligence in trying to keep contraband out of our facilities,” he said.

Purter has an unlisted phone number, and it is unknown whether he has hired an attorney.


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Guards Gave Jailed Terrorists Cell Phones for Cash

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would be toughening the conditions of imprisonment for terrorists but some jailors, it seems, did not “get the memo.”
According to the Yisrael Hayom newspaper, two jailors have been caught smuggling cell phones to imprisoned terrorists. A third reported being offered a bribe for a similar action.

One jailor was arrested recently and questioned by the Unit for Investigating Jailors on suspicion he smuggled cell phones to Hadarim Prison.

Another jailor, a former officer at the Ketziot Jail, has begun serving a jail sentence after confessing and being found guilty of smuggling cell phones to terrorists.

In addition, a jailor at Ne’er Sheva Prison reported that a certain security [i.e. terror, Ed.] prisoner offered him a sum of 150,000 shekels for assistance in smuggling in a cell phone.

Israel Prisons Service Commander Lt.-Gen. Aharon Franco has recently said that he intends to show zero tolerance toward personnel who collaborate with the smuggling.”

The terrorists have other creative means to get their hands on cell phones. In recent weeks, IPS has successfully stymied an attempt to smuggle 50 cell phones, 50 chargers and 50 SIM cards inside a delivery of vine leaves for terror prisoners at Ketziot.
A family recently visiting a terrorist tried to smuggle two cell phones in the undergarments of the prisoner’s wife. Two matching batteries were placed in the belt buckles of his sons.

Another woman, aged 67, was caught at the gate to Ramon Prison with a cell phone in her brassiere.

Since January, a total of 76 phones, 55 chargers, 51 memory cards and 435 SIM cards were caught at the entrances to the prisons.

The IPS has instructed staff to carry out thorough checks on whoever enters the jails and is currently evaluated more advanced machines for scanning people who wish to enter.


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