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Largest Jail In South Asia Calls For More Jammers

This jail in India is going all out to try to prevent the smuggling and use of contraband cell phones. This includes the use of 33 wireless signal jammers, 20 deep search metal detectors, 10 K9s and 233 new CCTV cameras.

New Delhi: Exposing lax security in the largest jail complex in South Asia, six mobile phones have been found inside the jails in Tihar and 13 additional phones seized at its jail deories this year. Alarmed by the security breaches, the authorities are adding a slew of strict security measures.

“We are in the process of acquiring 22 mobile jammers in addition to the 11 existing ones and have already contacted Bharat Electronic Limited. The process of acquiring full-body scanners is also on and we have floated a global tender on the same,” said Tihar law officer and PRO Sunil Gupta.

Sources said the Tihar authorities had already procured 20 deep search metal detectors that can check for prohibited articles buried under the ground. “Inmates have been known to hide articles like drugs, phones and other prohibited items under the ground of their jails after illegally smuggling them inside. These metal detectors have been bought to conduct periodic checks in the jails and two such instruments have been bought for each jail,” said a source.

Each of the 10 jails will also soon have their dog squads. “We have sent a letter to the government asking for creating dogs squads as these will help in quick detection. Many inmates smuggle prohibited substances inside their body cavities while entering the jail and these can be easily detected if each deory has a dog squad,” said a Tihar official.

The hand-held metal detectors and door frame metal detectors placed at the deory of each jail will also be upgraded, said officials. “There is urgent requirement for upgrades as the instruments currently being used are of an old technology,” said an official.

The jail complex will also have 233 new CCTV cameras. “Sensitive places will be monitored using the cameras to check for any suspicious behaviour,” said an official.

According to jail officials, the smuggling of cellphones by women inmates in jail number 6 is a big problem as they hide the phones inside the body cavities. When a body scanner was placed in Tihar earlier this year for a week, several such breaches came to light, said sources.