Don’t just block prison cell phones…

The first reaction to a seemingly uncontrollable situation is often an extreme or complicated approach. In the case of contraband prison cell phones, it appears easiest to simply jam signals and keep searching for smuggled cell phones. The success of this approach is limited at best, and the ongoing expense and complexity of managing, administering, and upgrading detection devices and managed access systems introduces one thing that no one wants – more expense. Co-opt the legitimate detainee desire for more communication with family and loved ones that drives the demand for contraband cell phones.

Turn prison cell phone demand into revenue.

When meshDETECT was developed as a secure prison cell phone deployment and management system, every aspect of the perfect ‘wish list’ of deploying better, safer, and lower cost communications to prisoners was taken into account.

The meshDETECT solution brings controlled communications and new revenue opportunities to existing correctional facilities as wells as new environments, such as work release and halfway house programs, without upfront or capital costs.

Looking for more information?

Visit our blog to download the whitepaper, “Reducing the Demand for Contraband Cell Phones in Correctional Facilities.”